Employee Transport Service Westchester NY

wetchester NY mini coach rentalsWe provide comprehensive corporate shuttle service throughout Westchester and Rockland County.

For three generations, Silver Star Transportation has provided the Westchester County area business community with exceptionally personalized employee transportation service.  Our company culture and experience in the area make us a perfect partner for employee routes of all sizes, paired with our expertise, and our wide-ranging fleet of vehicles makes our company Westchester’s first choice in employee shuttle service.

Westchester Limo Service by Silver Star Transportation, at your service providing an experienced and courteous driver, a modern, comfortable vehicle, and Silver Star’s impeccable safety, punctuality, and professionalism.

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Employee Shuttle Transportation Westchester NY

Employee Shuttle & Transportation westchester NY

Need to organize a corporate transportation solution or establish an employee shuttle route? Call on our team, we make the establishment and ongoing operation of a comprehensive employee shuttle service fast and easy.

Does your job entail the organization of a large company-wide event or a program to handle the ongoing responsibility of moving executives from one place to another?

Silver Star Transportation Concierge team will help with the logistics and coordination details; while helping to identify the safest, most practical and fun way to get your guests where they need to go.  


Silver Star Corporate Transportation & Employee Shuttles Solutions:

  • Transporting employees or guests between offices, conferences, event venues, picnics or parties.
  • Moving guest and employees from Westchester Airport, HPN, JFK, LGA EWR, or TEB to and between offices,  hotels, events or outings.
  • Commuter shuttles for collecting employees arriving at Metro-North stations and transporting them to the front door of your corporate office, and back.   
  • Short distance-time structured shuttles to and from local manufacturing plants, warehouses, convention centers, or events.
  • Regularly scheduled staff campus transport between multiple buildings.

Here in Westchester County, many large offices have sprawling campuses situated on isolated corporate parks. Silver Star Transportation has worked with such employers to provide employees a break from the cafeteria and have instituted lunchtime courtesy shuttle service into local towns. These efforts have proven to be hugely popular with staff members.

Interested in setting up a lunchtime or daily shuttle service for your employees?


Why Westchester Limo Service by Silver Star Transportation?

For more than three decades, Silver Star has been providing Westchester County and the Metropolitan area unsurpassed ground transportation. Known for our personalized service, impeccable commitment to safety, exceptional vehicles, and expert staff, our team is proud of the service we provide and the reputation we have earned. 

We offer our clients peace of mind, from your initial point of contact and booking, through to day of service, you’ll have one single point of contact.

  • Choose from our extensive fleet of 45+ vehicles
  • Design and build your own custom transportation solution

Our commitment to reliability, safety, and comfort ensures your party is where you need them. 

Happy Customers

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