Dyker Heights Christmas Lights Tour & Transfer Service

If you haven’t yet allowed yourself the time to visit Dyker Heights in Brooklyn, now is the time to give yourself a treat!

There are plenty of Holiday sites to see in NYC, but Dyker Heights is one of the best. In this lovely neighborhood of up-scale homes, each year, a sparkling, festive, smile-worthy spectacle blooms in the yards of those who live there. Taking a trip to the Dyker Heights Christmas Lights Display is worth making a Christmas tradition for your family and friends.

What’s Going On in Dyker Heights, Brooklyn?

dyker-heights-holiday-tourSome people call Dyker Heights, a mostly Italian-American neighborhood, the best-kept secret in Brooklyn. This extremely well-kept neighborhood has some of the grandest and most exquisite homes in the Brooklyn Mansions community in Southwest Brooklyn. As you might imagine, the homeowners in this area take great pride in their homes, yards, and hospitality.

So, it’s no surprise that back in the 80s, the folks who live in Dyker Heights started decorating their yards for the Holiday Season in dramatic and beautiful ways. And, you can also guess that year by year, the decorations became more prominent and brighter. Dyker Heights families take their holidays very seriously so that all the rest of us can be “holly, jolly.”

Friendly Competition

Yes, even the residents say they love to outdo one another. The results that tell the story are the massive lawn ornaments, motorized-displays, and more, give me more lights. This year, 2019, visitors can expect to see plenty of professionally-designed displays, some of which cost more than $20,000. (Yes, you read that correctly.)

Some of the Most Fantastic Houses

The Polizzotto House

The Polizzotto’s house was one of the first families to begin the bigger-than-life decorations. One of their premier offerings were 29-foot motorized wooden soldiers. The home, found at 12th Avenue and 85th Street, is blanketed with outdoor decor of one kind or another. Some like to say the home is like “Christmas on Crack.” Alfred Polizzotto, when he was alive, decorated his house and lawn after he had treatment for lymphoma. Since the year he died, in 2001, his family continued the tradition with relish.

The Spata House

Just across the street is the Spata House, home of Lucy Spata. Her space is sometimes called a Rococo Christmas Delirium. Since 1986, Lucy owns the famous Lucy’s Sausage concessions seen at street fairs throughout the city.

Peter Karounos’ House

Karounos started purchasing inflatable holiday decorations when his children were younger. He places a nativity, a snowman, Scooby-Doo, and some penguins trying to decorate a tree on his lawn each year. Karounos has a designer’s touch since he owns University Floral Design at University Place in Manhattan.

“The first day is the long day,” says Karounos. “The other days are four hours. Today (he usually begins his decorating on Thanksgiving weekend), I started at noon, and I’ll finish at 8 p.m. There’s a lot of prep. White faux garland on the stairs, it gets all flat from packing. We have to fluff all those garlands first.”

Please remember that it’s inevitable that some houses change their design techniques from year to year. But, we guarantee you won’t ever be disappointed.

There are no subways to Dyker Heights, but there are two express buses that deliver commuters to and from Manhattan.


Since you’re going to be in Brooklyn, here are a few tips on things to see:

  • Walk, drive, or bicycle across the Brooklyn Bridge. It’s charming, by the way.
  • Visit the New York Transit Museum. You’ll see vintage subway cars going way back to 1907.
  • Visit and tour the Brooklyn Museum. It has a vast collection of Egyptian art in its permanent collection.
  • Take your kids to the Brooklyn Children’s Museum.
  • Have fun at the Brooklyn Flea Market.
  • Go to Coney Island, and much, much more.

Dyker Heights Christmas Lights Tour & Transfer

Our service is once again available for those who want a walking tour of the Christmas lights in Dyker Heights.

Here is all the information you will need:

  • Meet your guide in Brooklyn. The cost is $19/person.
  • Take the subway with the group to the “light show.”
  • Your guide will walk you through the neighborhood.
  • The tour begins at 6:45 on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays from 12/1/19.
  • The tour will take place every day starting on December 15, 2019, and will continue through December 30.
  • No tours on Christmas Day or New Year’s Day
  • You will meet your guide outside of Starbucks at the Atlantic Terminal Mall.

Start your holidays with a bang and give yourself an illuminated look at how Dyker Heights families share their Christmas cheer from one of our professionally driven cars, party buses or coaches.

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